Automatic Air Conditioning As Valuable For Your Lifestyle

Automatic Air Conditioning As Valuable For Your Lifestyle

Automatic Air Conditioning As Valuable For Your Lifestyle

Air conditioners have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. We use it in our homes, office, cars etc. on daily basis. They have impacted our lifestyles significantly and to the extent that it is difficult to imagine our lives without it.

They are important for us to stay comfortable in a hot climate. It provides much-needed cooling with the home/office and provides respite from the heat. It becomes even more essential if we observe the recent climatic data. The average summer temperatures have increased across the globe due to global warming and related phenomenon.
Along with providing comfort against the heat,

they also ensure better indoor air quality. These are helpful for people suffering from allergies to dust and pollution. They also provide better indoor atmosphere and contribute towards improving work efficiency. It also protects electronic devices from overheating and malfunctioning. There are two major types of air conditioning – automatic and manual. This article explores the former, their working principles, and benefits.

What is Automatic Air Conditioning

These units allow the users to set their desired temperature. They have a built-in thermostat, which continuously monitors the inside temperature. Once the temperature exceeds the desired temperature selected by the user, the unit switches itself on its own. It keeps working till the desired temperature is reached and switches off on its own upon reaching the desired temperature. They provide flexibility to the user to control the temperature according to their comfort. 

The users also do not have to manually keep switching the units on or off as this is done by the thermostat.
They can be used in cars, homes and other commercial buildings. They also have programmable thermostats, using which the users can set the temperature and cooling options for different times. The cooling options can be set for daytime, nighttime or different days of the week. Overall, the automatic units provide the users greater control and flexibility in usage compared to manual ones.

Working Principle

These air conditioners work on a built-in thermostat. The thermostat is used to control the temperature of the cooling system. These allow the users to select the desired temperature. Then these unit senses and detects the internal temperature continuously. Once the internal temperature reaches the set desired temperature, it automatically switches itself on. The unit then continues to cool the room/house, till the temperature drops to the desired temperature again, after which it shuts off. These provide an excellent way to keep the room temperature regulated and under control. It also does not include the hassles of turning the unit on or off every time as is the case of manual units.

Difference Between Air Conditioning Types

The major differences between the two types of air conditioners are as follows:

Benefits: There are many benefits of using automatic air conditioning. These also come with programmable thermostats, which provide comfort and flexibility in controlling the temperature. The major benefits from such systems are provided below.

1. Ease of control: Due to the use of thermostat-based cooling, they provide great flexibility and ease of control in operating. These get switched on or off on their own, based on the desired temperature selected by the user. Hence, the user does not have to switch it on or off manually every time.

2. Consistent cooling: They provide consistent cooling regardless of the weather and temperature outside. There is no need to adjust the temperatures based on the external weather. It also removes hot or cold spots within the home/office, thereby resulting in a uniform and consistent cooling throughout.

3. Savings: One of the most important features of these units is that they save on the electricity bill. Cost of running an air conditioner is a major part of the electricity bills for the consumers. They provide the option of cooling as per the comfort of the users. Every 1 degree that the cooling temperature is lowered, leads to approximately 1% reduction in electricity bill. These units allow users to adjust the cooling when they are away and thus reducing the electricity consumption when the users are not at home.

 4. Adjust with time setting: These provide the option of adjusting the temperature during different times of the day based on temperature variations. When the external temperature is high, the user can select higher cooling and vice-versa. This provides ideal cooling and also saves on energy bill as the cooling is not always set on high, rather the cooling is set as per the requirement and external temperature.


Air conditioners have become essential in today’s scenario for most of us. Automatic air conditioners offer more value and comfort to the users than manual ones. Such units offer greater ease and comfort to the users in operation. They are also more energy efficient than the manual units. They have become an integral part of our lives and offer significant value and comfort to us. They should be operated and maintained regularly to derive the optimum benefits from them.