How to save money in cooling costs?

How to save money in cooling costs?


Staying cool is expensive especially in hot climate as this accounts for almost half of your home’s energy use. Do you feel uncomfortable seeing your air conditioner running yet the sound of your bank account drying up? Our cooling bills our just too damn high but minimizing them doesn’t necessary mean you have to sacrifice your sanity or spend money on green power gadgets. Adopting a few simple trick and adjustment to the manner which you operate your appliances will help you cut down huge costs.

If you are one of such person seeking for solution because your cooling bills takes the highest percentage of cost over your other expensive and you are totally not comfortable about it, you are at the place. This guide is designed for you as it will teach open you to many ways in which you would save money even while experiencing an extreme hot summer.

List of useful ways to for saving money

Make use of CFLs: Compact fluorescent light bulbs which is generally known to cut lightning cost also cuts cooling cost too due to their ability of giving off very little heat. If you are looking at cutting off your cost, make use of CFLs in your homes instead of incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs converts electricity to heat which keeps your cost on the high. Avoiding incandescent bulbs in your home is a sure best way to cut your cooling cost with no stress.

Encourage afforestation: Afforestation an act of planting trees is on simple way you can adopt to keep heat out of your home. Theses trees serves as a source of wind thereby minimizing the rate of radiation directly acting on your home. When the environment is less hot, it helps you to keep your cooling system on a reduced level or you may not be needing it at all depending on the number of trees around you. Whether you are living in your home or a rented apartment, inculcate the habit of planting trees as this does not only keeps heat out of your home but also makes your surrounding a bit comfortable for you.


Install window filmUndoubtedly, our windows are a major point where radiation from the sun hits hard on our homes. Adding a window shade to your home’s window will go a long way in keep heat out of your home, hence cutting down on your cost. The combination of window shade and tress around your home can lower your home’s temperature by about 20%. This does not only keeps your home cool, but also helps regulate your bill.


Make use of ceiling fans: Making use of ceiling fans is also a great idea. Ceiling fans will save you cooling cost and keeps you comfortable especially when combined with a higher portable thermostat setting. This literally implies that you have to install a portable thermostat in your home.

Let the curtains fall: While your air conditioner is in use, it is advisable to fall down your curtain as this will prevent heat from striking into your home. When the curtains are down, there is an easy and rapid circulation of cooling even at a reduced temperature of your air conditioner. This helps you save cost.

Build with a cool roof : Our roof plays an important role when it comes to heating the home. This is so because the radiation from the sun acts directly on the roof. If you are still building or had already built your home, make use of a cool roof. This type of roof is made with special reflective materials to block out sun’s ray. By so doing, it helps you keeps heat out and reduces your cooling bill.

Choose right colors of paint: It’s a known fact that dark paints attracts and builds up heat. Use light colored paints in your home.

Service your air conditioner: Regular and appropriate servicing of your air conditioner keeps you off high cooling cost. Always ensure that your air conditioning system is well serviced from the filters, condensers and a whole lot more.


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