When Is Heat Pump Becomes Less Efficient

When Is Heat Pump Becomes Less Efficient

When Is Heat Pump Becomes Less Efficient

It is a known fact that winter is the coldest season in a year. During winter, some places are so called that people find it difficult to go outside their home. This is due to the fact that everywhere will be icy and cold. You normally see people developing certain ailment due to the intensity of the cold.

Winter in Los Angeles can be very severe and harsh. Despite the fact that the city has been ranked among the places with the best climate to live and work, it temperature can be very low in winter season especially in the morning. This is why every home needs a functional heating unit during winter in.

Having a functional and effective heating unit will enable you to cope very well during the winter season. Irrespective of how low the temperature becomes inside your house will always be very warm and comfortable to be.

A common challenge most homeowners face during winter in is the fact that their units sometimes fail to keep their home warm effectively. If nothing is done about this, your home can be inhabitable for you to stay due to the low temperature causing heat.

Most experts are of the opinion that a common cause of ineffective warming of your units during winter is inefficiency of the heat pump.
There are several reasons why the pumps of your units become ineffective.


There are several reasons why the pumps of your units are less effective than they ought to have been. There are also instances when your unit start blowing cold air instead of the normal hot air to keep your home warm during winter.

  • Low Temperature Outside: Generally, the HVAC system relies on outside temperature to recycle warm air inside the home. However, when the temperature is very low, it will affect the efficiency of the unit’s pump and start dispensing cold air instead of hot air. Whenever the temperature is below 30F degrees, the pump will become less efficient.
  • Defrost Mode: Generally, your unit tends to perform inefficiently or sometimes trip off completely when it is in defrost mode. This happens when Ice starts forming on the outdoor components of your unit. Most case the unit will perform poorly or trip off for a while before it continues working. During the defrost mode period, the efficiency of your heat pump will be greatly affected.
  • Unclear Winter Debris: Your unit pumps may be inefficient if you fail to clear some of the debris caused by the winter. This debris may affect the heat pumps efficiency as they block free passage of air into the entire unit. 


There are several experts that specialize in heating repair in Los Angeles. These experts will help to proffer solutions to the inefficiency of your heat pumps. Some of the solution you can offer on your own are;

  • When the temperature outside is low and your unit’s pump is inefficient, don’t switch the entire unit off as it may increase your bill. Just leave it as it will start working normal again after a while.
  • While in Defrost mode, just try and remove some of the ices that have formed on the outside component and leave it for a while. It will come up again and start working normal by giving you the desire temperature you want your home to be. However, if the defrost mode persist for a while, consult the service of a HVAC contractor to bring it back to normal.
  • Always clear all winter debris from the outside components of your units. This will reduce the tendency of your unit’s air passage to block.



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