Reasons Why Your AC is making you sick

Reasons Why Your AC is making you sick

Reasons Why Your AC is making you sick

There is this wonderful feeling one gets when he enters into his apartmen and everywhere is cool and cozy. The sweat that has soaked your body will suddenly disappear, before you notice anything further, drowsiness will come in. It will be a wonderful rest after a hectic day.

However, there are instances when the purpose of your cooling unit becomes counterproductive. Instead of it to give you a cool and chilling atmosphere, you get a feeling of being sick instead. This could be an indication that your AC has certain faults that have not been identified.

3 reasons why you become sick due to your ac

Dirty system and faulty filters: When your cooling unit is not cleaned constantly and faulty filters are changed, it can be dangerous to your health. It will be making you sick whenever you put it on. This is because of the fact that lack of proper hygiene and replacement of filters have made such a cooling unit a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. When these bacteria and fungi go airborne, you may have breathing problem when your unit is working, this can easily make you sick.

When the temperature is too high level: Sometimes when the temperature of your chiller is too high, you tend to develop certain sickness symptoms. In view of this, it is advisable that when using your cooling unit either at home or in the office, set the temperature to a moderate level and step out of the Chilling area to grasp some fresh air. Otherwise you tend to develop headache and dizziness.

Lack of leak from the outside: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, people are more exposed to pollutants inside the house than outside. This is because of the constant exposure to air conditioner. Most of these cooling systems circulate the air inside again and again.

However, if you try to create a leak from the outside so as to allow fresh air inside your home, this could reduce the tendency of you getting sick while your chilling unit is working. This leak could be a slight crack on your window, just to pave way for fresh air.

Mold: Ensure that there are molds around your cooling units; this can cause symptoms like throat irritation, wheezing and congestion. In view of this, be on the guard in ensuring that no mold is in your unit.


You may buy the best quality AC unit but if you fail to carry out proper routine maintenance as indicated in the users’ manual, you will not enjoy your cooling unit. In view of this, ensure that from time to time, you clean your system thoroughly, fix all faulty filters, and clear any threat of mold and other little services. If this is done, your chilling units will work efficiently and the tendency of them making you sick will be reduced.


If you think it will be difficult for you to carry out the cleaning and routine maintenance, you can hire the services of a Heating and Air Conditioning experts who will do the job for you professionally. Remember, you deserve the best value for your Cooling unit because it is your investment.

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