How Is Zone Control System Saving Your Money?

How Is Zone Control System Saving Your Money?

How Is Zone Control System Saving Your Money?

Zone control system is a trending concept among home owners. The need to embrace this concept is necessitated by the fact that the largest heating and cooling equipments consume the highest share of energy bill.

 It is an HVAC with the option of sectional control. In other words, when using this control system, you have the option of controlling the temperature of each room or section in your home. It is a unique way of reducing your energy cost while optimizing the functionality of your heating and cooling system.

This concept of heating and cooling control is only used in the following situations;

  • When you have rooms that are not used frequently
  • Rooms that don’t heat or cool uniformly
  • When people with different temperature preferences live in the same house.

How will it save you money?

Zone control system can help you to save money, especially in the areas of maintenance and energy bills. When you key into this concept, you can control the cooling and heating temperature of specific rooms in your home. In other words, the rooms that are not occupied will be switched off while keeping occupied room at a comfortable temperature. The amazing aspect of this system is that only the energy needed to make occupied room comfortable will be used. This will help to avoid wastage while reducing the cost of energy drastically.

zone control for heating and cooling

Also for large homes that have several people living there at a time, you can apportion temperature to their various room based on their preference and need. This will help to reduce the inefficient use of energy while ensure the efficiency of your HVAC system. Most people fail to acknowledge the fact that when it come to minimizing energy cost, little reduction in HVAC temperature can have a great effect on their energy bills.

Types of Zone Control System

  • Mini Split/Ductless: This is the most common type of this temperature system. They have built in thermostat that makes central temperature control of these units easy. A ductless unit can be added to your home without affecting the existing HVAC components.
  • Conventional with Damper: This is a two way HVAC control system. Users of these units can adjust the temperature of the rooms in their home manually or electronically.
  • Smart vents: This is another HVAC zone control system. Though, it is relatively new in the market, but its usage isn’t recommended as it gives additional stress to your components.

In modern time, most home owners are passionately looking for ways to reduce energy bills on their homes. Zone control system is a tool that will enable home owners to drastically reduce their energy consumption rate, thereby lowering energy bills